Earnings Disclaimer

Skills Co.

To all publishers of Skills, aka “Pros”,

Earnings are based on sales of Skills, aka video courses. You control the purchase price of your Skills and your potential for success. Any claims to earning potential are estimates and not guarantees. By joining, you accept that your earnings are based on results from sales. Your level of success depends on your Skills, course quality, sales effectiveness, lead generation, and the demand for your skills.

Skills Co. will do it’s best to ensure your highest level of success by providing the platform to sell your Skills and providing instruction on how to best maximize your potential of success. It’s your job to use the platform as designed and follow instructions on how to be most successful for maximum results. We make no guarantees that you will achieve any specific levels of financial success.

As a “Pro”, you earn $0.90 per $1.00 sold on the Skills Co. platforms (Mobile, Web, iOS, and Android) minus transaction fees. Any purchases made via the Mobile, Web, or Android applications are charged $0.30 + 2.9% per transaction by the Stripe payment gateway. Any purchases made via the iOS App are charged a 30% transaction fee by the Apple App Store. By publishing skills, you allow up to 50% of your Skills to be paid for with discount credits, which discount the total sale amount of your Skills by that same amount.

Earnings are deposited daily on a 2-day rolling schedule in the US and AUS. In all other countries, earnings are deposited daily on a 7-day rolling schedule via Stripe.