7 Reasons Your Small Business Should Use Video Courses

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Video is reigning supreme when it comes to marketing, with 63 percent of marketers relying on it to vie for consumers’ attention. The reason why is not hard to see: people are better able to retain information when it is supplemented by a relevant visual.

Aside from marketing, though, there is another way you can use video to get more people to see your product or brand: video courses. 

    Take a cue from Chris Moore-Broyles and LaToya Moore-Broyles, the creators behind the YouTube channel MyFroggyStuff. An article the duo wrote for Think With Google highlights the fact that how-to videos have the most audiences out of any category on the video sharing platform. This is because people are eager to consume content that helps them learn how to do things they are eager about or are in need of. 

But aside from gaining views, likes, and subscribes, there are more you can gain from creating video courses. 

7 Reasons Your Small Business Should Use Video Courses

  1. Onboard and train employees
  2. Help customers familiarize themselves with your product
  3. Build trust with current clients
  4. Captivate and engage potential buyers
  5. Appeal to prospective investors
  6. Understand what your market needs and watch
  7. Earn from a new revenue stream

  • Train and retain employees

    Training employees can be costly because you have to remove them from their tasks for hours and even days at a time. Not only that, you have to spend for their transportation, lodging, and food, especially if their training is held off-site. But this can all change when you use video courses in your small business. 

    First, you can reduce business costs drastically. When you create video courses, you can let your employees stay in one location for their learning like having an office on the go. This allows you to slash transportation and lodging from your expenses. Plus, you can maximize your workers’ productivity since they can watch the learning resources at their own time, without affecting their responsibilities during working hours. 

    Moreover, upgrading employees’ skills and challenging them helps you retain top talents. This is a huge boon to your small business, too, cost-wise. An Entrepreneur article states that it can cost a company as much as $150,000 to replace each valuable employee they lose. That is how much you can save by combining your video-based training and employee retention plan. 

    There is also a bonus benefit for using video courses for training your employees. Once they have learned the ropes, they themselves can become trainers or coaches who can give a helping hand to their colleagues. 

  • Help customers familiarize themselves with your product

    Video courses can serve as your onboarding materials for your customers. You can put these up on your knowledge base, on your video sharing page, or on your social media accounts. You can even do video courses live regularly for new clients! 

    By going the extra mile and creating online video courses for your customers, you allow them to learn how to maximize your product. This lets them increase their own efficiency and also enhance their productivity. Because of this, they can be happier and satisfied. 

Additionally, by teaching customers how to do processes visually and in a step-by-step manner, you can reduce the calls and chats regarding how to use tools and features received by your customer support team. This way, your customer service unit can focus on troubleshooting issues instead of coaching customers.

  • Build trust with current clients

    Video courses are a way to engage with your audiences. Through these resources, you can show them how to get things done while they can ask their questions on the comment section (if you have it enabled) of your video. This way, you can build their trust in your product and in your brand because you are showing them that they can count on you when they have queries or problems. 

    This can also pave the way for loyalty to your brand so that your existing customers stay with you for a long time and keep supporting you financially as well as by telling others about your company. 

  • Captivate and engage potential buyers

According to WordStream, more than half of executives surveyed would choose video for a topic, even when text is also available. On the same note, marketers who use video are able to grow their revenue 49 percent faster than those who do not. You can leverage these numbers by creating your own video courses, which you can use to showcase your product and highlight its features even as you walk through people how to do something. 

If the people who watch your videos are not yet your customers, then visualizing ecourses are your chance to ignite their interest in your products. When they can see at a close range how your offerings can enhance their lives, then you are more likely to win them over. 

  • Appeal to prospective investors

    If you are looking to expand your business or the line of products you are offering, you may want to acquire new funding. However, if you would rather not go to banks and similar institutions, you can use your video courses to attract investors. But you may wonder, how can video courses win you funding for your company? 

    With an interactive video, you can show the full slate of capabilities of your products even as you inform your audience how to execute a certain action. When prospective financiers see your video courses, they can observe the potentials of your merchandise and decide to back your business. 

  • Understand what your market needs and wants

    Video courses encourage interaction between your brand and your customers as well as between members of your audiences. If you read the comments, then you would be able to see the feedback of your market. You can curate these and study them to gain insights as to what your target consumers need and want. These can be in regard to your product or to your video courses.

Either way, you can incorporate their opinions into your next project and show them that you listen to them and value their inputs. This can then lead to higher views for your video courses, better engagement with your audience, and possibly increased conversions. 

  • Earn from a new revenue stream

    On top of everything else, video courses can be a new revenue stream for your business. By putting up your original content on YouTube, for example, you can cash in by attracting many viewers and subscribers as well as customers. The same is true when you upload your content on online learning platforms. These websites and apps are attracting more people who want to upgrade their skills, polish their knowledge, or add to their learning. 

    In any case, you can capitalize on the need of the market for helpful videos with your own interactive courses. Thus, you can augment your business’s income. With the myriad of video editing tools available today, it’s never been easier to start producing your own video content.

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Creating your video content strategy

Producing how-to content can be challenging, especially for brands. Still, you can overcome this with the right strategy. The most important thing, though, is to show your viewers what sets your small business apart from others. You have to learn more about what you have to offer to better answer the needs of your audiences. By doing so, you can fulfill their requirement and earn more for your company. 

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