Why Skills Co is the Best Udemy Alternative for Uploading your Courses Online?

Udemy Alternative

Online learning is becoming the new norm in the case of education and learning platforms have given the online learning industry a huge boost. To put it into perspective, online courses in 2017 roped in $46 Billion USD and researchers suggest the growth is expected to continue in the market which is expected to be valued at $325 Billion USD by 2025. As demand for online courses continues to skyrocket, competition in the industry has also grown respectively.

An increasing number of people are venturing online in hopes of making money by selling their skills. This has also led to a drastic increase in the number of online platforms offering courses. Udemy has emerged as one of the most successful online learning platforms in the recent past. However, you may find Udemy’s profit-sharing model and hosting charges may not agree with everyone. Among the other online course selling platforms, Skills Co has emerged as the best in the market with its wide array of features tailored to help people make significant profits.

Here are five reasons why Skills Co is the best Udemy alternative to sell courses online:

Skills Co - Monetize Courses Online
  • You Keep the Profits

For every course you sell, Skills Co keeps only a meager 10% of the sale with 90% of the money being earned by the publisher. On the other hand, Udemy’s payment model only gives instructors 50% of the sales.

  • We help you Market your Courses

Uploading courses online is not enough to bring in revenue. These courses need to be marketed extensively to ensure it reaches the targeted audience. Skills Co uses SEO optimization to boost the chances of your courses reaching the intended audience. Unlike Skills Co, Udemy charges additional fees for marketing courses. Unfortunately, Udemy only gives 25% of the sales generated from selling courses through paid advertising.

  • You are Free to Price your Course

As a great judge of your own capabilities, we let you price your courses. If you feel your 10-video Python course can be marked at USD $100, you can go ahead and set that as the price for your course. Most online learning platforms price online courses themselves and devoid users of the chance to self-evaluate.

  • Earn Daily

Unlike most online learning platforms, we do not restrict the withdrawal of your earnings until they reach a certain amount. Your earnings are automatically deposited 2 or 7 days after a user buys your course, depending on your country. Powered by Stripe, our payment interface is completely secure and lets you enjoy the winnings of your hard work instantly. You can monetize your existing videos.

  • We Train you to Succeed

As a part of subscribing to Skills Co, every new user is provided access to free tutorials to help them create professional courses. In addition, we help each user in marketing their online courses by providing them with sales tools and allowing them to offer discounts and promo codes at will and their own discretion.

Skills Co Inviting Online Course Creators

All these features make Skills Co stand out among the other online learning platforms. If that wasn’t enough, you will be glad to know that you can subscribe to the platform for free. Stop wasting your time in finding any other Udemy alternative. Sign Up on Skills Co today and begin your instructor journey in the world of online learning.

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