Top 3 Online Course Builders to Kickstart Your Tutorial Career

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Breakthroughs in technology continue to disrupt the traditional ways in which the world functions. Widespread accessibility to internet has resulted in the condensation of the world into one consolidated ball. In this new world, knowledge is put at the helm and talent is valued beyond degrees and doctorates.

This trend has revolutionized the way humans learn and upskill themselves. In addition, the emergence of the gig economy, in other words, demand for more temporary labor, has created a sudden urgency in people to upskill themselves and reap the fruits of this trend. As a consequence, the online learning industry is expected to surpass the USD 300 billion mark by 2025. Both short and long-term online courses across domains are in great demand.

This age of social media has created a new breed of entrepreneurs who thrive on upskilling themselves through this medium. Mentorship and coaching are selling big and its time you cash in on this wave of opportunities at the earliest.

However, competition in the industry is rife and survival as an online instructor is getting tougher. In order to remain relevant, you must work professionally to gain credibility among your audiences. One of the ways that ensure you come across as a professional is a well-designed course. While designing online courses may have been a slippery slope in the past, it definitely isn’t the case today. The availability of a range of free course authoring software in the market has simplified the whole process. With the help of our experts, we have compiled a list of the top five course builders of 2019 to help you take a big lead in the fiercely competitive landscape. We understand you won’t want to dish out extra money to pursue your career in online coaching so here is the list of five best media authoring software:

google course builder

Google Course Builder

Google’s course builder is an open-source platform created with the sole purpose of aiding tutors and instructors create intuitive and interactive courses for the masses. The completely free online suite lets you use the Google infrastructure for free. Using the array of features provided by the software you can organize course content, create and manage assessments, track learners progress, create and manage different roles, grade students, and create certificates.

This power-packed set of features is enough for you to start your very own online academy. However, we advise you to go slow and create in-depth courses with the utmost responsibility to build a great rapport with your audience. While monetizing the courses with the tool is pretty difficult, as it involves modifying the Python code, it is advisable that you begin your journey with small courses to test run your capabilities and gauge the demand. 



A cloud-based course authoring tool, Elucidat is free to use and offers a wide variety of features. The highly user-friendly tool lets you collaborate with friends and team to tailor impeccable online courses. In addition, the courses developed on the tool are compatible with all screen sizes and rids you of the hassle to optimize your content for the different screen sizes. With its WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) interface, editing content becomes easier than ever.

Glo Maker

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Another open-source e-learning authoring tool, Glo Maker enables you to create interactive online courses. The tool allows you to collaborate with team members and supports the development of courses compatible with mobile screens. Some of the key features of Glo Maker are animated tutorials, user-friendly designing elements, planners, tool overviews, and an array of file formats to import your courses. This tool is one of the best course creation software for budding online instructors and does not warrant the user to have in-depth knowledge of programming and scripting.

To monetize the courses you create using the above-mentioned software, you will need to publish them on e-learning platforms. One of the best online learning platforms is Skills Co. The online learning platform hosts your courses for free and provides you the liberty to price your courses. You earn as soon as a user buys the course and bag 90% of the sales. The benefits of using the platform do not end there, the platform markets your courses and teaches you how to be a professional online tutor all for a meagre price of USD 1/month. Subscribe to the platform today and commence your journey as an online mentor and coach. Begin changing the course of your career and the face of the world from the comfort of your home today. 000000000

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