Top 5 Underrated Skills that can help you Bag Your Dream Job

Technological advancements and globalization have made the whole world a hotbed of opportunities. The trend of exponential development will continue in the foreseeable future and create a plethora of new opportunities. With the fourth industrial revolution around the corner, the global economy is all set to peak opening new prospects for the people seeking employment. However, the booming job market has also resulted in a significant increase in competition. And believe us or not these 5 underrated life skills are actually the stairway that can get you closer to your dream job:

Critical Thinking and Research

Critical thinking comes across as a measure which you might be forced to take under intense pressure and emergency. It indeed is a life skill that is worth mastering. The ability to think rationally and derive a logical relationship between things, objects and data are highly valued in the corporate landscape. Couple critical thinking with efficient research and you are equipped with a weapon that is lethal across different corporate domains, be it marketing or coding. With the internet at your behest, the only research skills you need to acquire is the ability to leverage Google to the best of its ability. As far as critical thinking is concerned, you could master the skill simply by analyzing and evaluating your decision making with intent towards being more efficient and systematic with the way you approach different problems.


The art of negotiation and persuasion is an important life skill that is often underrated. You might have often felt proud of your ability to act as a mediator among the group on deciding a place to dine out. The simple skill can have positive implications for your career with the skill of negotiation valued highly in the competitive corporate workspace. Employers value a team player over someone who excels individually. In addition, having a skillful negotiator always benefits an organization giving them the edge to get their way without finding themselves amidst intense conflicts.

Learn Soft Skills

Basic Computer Literacy

Proficiency with basic computer software can bolster your chances of bagging a job significantly. In this era of digitization, computer proficiency falls under basic life skill and not a hard skill expected from a gifted few. Expertise with basic suits such as MS Powerpoint, MS Word, and MS Excel can give you a competitive edge among the other job seekers. Additionally, having basic know-how of internet-based skills like HTML, CSS, SEO can add further weight to your resume.

Ownership and Accountability

Taking onus of your work is an all-important skill that you must learn not just to get hands on a job but to succeed in living. Inculcating this skill in yourself will make you a great leader and manager. Developing the skill makes you capable of leading a project right from its conceptualization to its execution and delivery, a skill that is the most sought after in the current scenario. Planning ahead and for the worst is a sign of a great leader and taking ownership of your tasks empowers you with this vision and helps you transform yourself into an organized skillful employee making you ideal for any and every job. 


It is the cornerstone of an individual’s personality. Without effective communication skills, you are no better than a blubbering child. Having good communication skills ensure you get your point across effectively and clearly. People with exceptional communication skills have been known to beat people with hard skills in the race to bagging high-paying jobs. Good verbal and written communication skills will help you leave an everlasting impact and forms the stepping stone for the bridge to your prospective job irrespective of the industry or domain.

Investing in these skills will surely reap huge benefits with each of them having the potential to help you excel at life and not just careers. So what are you waiting for? Begin your journey to success by focusing on these basic and underrated life skills and find yourself moving closer to your dream job.

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