How to Create a Money Making Online Course?

create money making course

The advent of the internet has transformed the way the world functions. This has revolutionized the way people learn and acquire new skills. The internet has become the go-to medium for learning new skills in a short span of time. In fact, 66% of adult learners prefer online courses over traditional ones to upskill themselves and scale their careers. This has opened up a new stream of revenue generation for people with knowledge in the form of the online learning industry. According to a recent market survey, the online learning industry is expected to be valued at USD 240 billion by 2021.

The only question that remains is what goes into making online courses that can earn you a lot of money online. With the help of the experts, we have compiled a comprehensive manual to aid you in kickstarting your online teaching career.

  • Shortlist Course Topics

It is a common perception that in order to make money online through courses you need to have in-depth knowledge of a specific topic. However, that is not true. Generally, people look for courses that could help them gain a basic understanding of the topic. So, to begin with, you need to create a list of all the topics that you can teach.

  • Estimate the Demand

The next step in the process of creating an online course is to ascertain the demand for the topics you have shortlisted. This will help you eliminate topics that might not necessarily find a consumer base. Additionally, this process is a great way to evaluate the pricing of your courses on the basis of the demand and user willingness to pay for a particular course. A detailed demand estimation will also enable you to compile content which is highly in demand under a specific topic making your course more impactful and apt. 

  • Create a Course Outline

Post conducting the demand estimation, you should create a detailed outline for the finalized topic. Audiences generally look for courses that explain basic elements and aspects of a topic in-depth. In order to effectively achieve this, you need to group information under modules and lessons to efficiently deliver the content. A module is defined as the overall subtopic under the parent topic while a lesson includes detailed information on the different parts of a subtopic. For example, if you have developed a course on entrepreneurship, you might have a module on pitching. The lessons under this module would include, “What to include in the pitch presentation?” and “How to effectively communicate your idea to Angel investors?”

  • Create the Course

After finalizing the content, you need to choose the form in which you will be delivering it. The most effective and in-demand way of delivering your content is in the form of video lectures. Audiences can imbibe information better when audiovisual elements are used making the course effective. Additionally, users expect the course to include texts, links, and practice exercises. A combination of these has been proven to generate profitable revenues.

  • Decide on the Hosting Platform for your Course

There are numerous platforms where you can upload your courses to generate revenues. However, using one of the best video monetization platforms can automatically boost your chances of generating substantial profits. With Skills Co you can make money with YouTube and get easy returns for the hours of hard work you put in, with streams of passive income.  

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