How to Make Money with YouTube in 2019 – Get Paid ASAP!

There is no doubt that YouTube has the capacity to be a money-maker for anyone sharing useful original content. In fact, according to Forbes, YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world, second only to Google. In a time when video dominates, this is no surprise. And with three billion monthly searches on YouTube, you can bet someone somewhere is exploring the internet for the content that you’re sharing right now! If you’re ready to learn how to make money with YouTube, what you’re about to read may shock you, especially when it comes to how effortless it can be when you know the secret formula for generating a steady income stream using your YouTube channel.

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How to Get Paid on Youtube

How to Make Money with YouTube

There are two primary ways to earn money with a YouTube channel. Chances are you’re familiar with the first and more obvious way, the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). The way this works is that once a channel owner meets a set of requirements and is approved for the program, YouTube enables advertising on that channel. YouTube pays channel owners for views and clicks on those partner ads. The earnings amount varies, and unless you have a substantial following, the likelihood of earning a living from your YouTube channel with ad revenue alone is slim. This is especially true for newly launched channels who do not meet the criteria of having a minimum of 1,000 channel subscribers and more than 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months. For YouTube newbies, making money this way proves challenging. The good news is that regardless of how new you are to YouTube and whether your channel meets the YPP criteria or not, there’s a greater monetizing opportunity when it comes to sharing your video content with the world.

This brings us to the second way to earn money with YouTube by using your original video content. The key to cashing in on the world’s voracious appetite for helpful videos is to have a solid distribution strategy that puts your videos in front of the viewers who need it. The magic bullet in the online revenue-generating game is not to use YouTube alone, but to use that amazing platform in conjunction with Skills Co. This allows you to create a smart money-making machine by maximizing your content distribution efforts and lifting the ceiling off your online earning potential. The result is a limitless revenue stream with minimal effort.

YouTube Viewers are Seeking Your Skills Now

This aggressive income-generating strategy means that instead of sitting back and waiting for a certain number of viewers to watch a certain number of ads so that they can make pennies per view, anyone at any point in their video sharing career can get active and make a real income by using their YouTube channel to direct viewers to premium content on Skills Co.

Selling your skills is the fastest and easiest way to make the most money on YouTube. This strategy makes sense, too. Those three billion monthly searches on YouTube mean that people are continually seeking out specific content with intent, and it’s not all cute kitten videos they’re after. A 2017 study revealed that 70 percent of all YouTube viewers use the platform to learn a specific skill. Consider your skills and talents. Chances are high that someone is searching YouTube to learn that exact skill at this precise moment. This leads to your golden opportunity to capitalize on what you already know to boost your earnings. With a simple, straightforward two-step process, you can accelerate your money-making money potential today with YouTube and Skills Co.

Using Skills Co. to Make Money with YouTube

At Skills Co., uploading your skills is a breeze. Our free tutorial, “Sell Your Skills: Step-by-Step” walks you through creating, uploading and publishing your first course. And just like YouTube, Skills Co. is a completely free video platform. The two differ in that instead of hosting single videos, Skills Co. takes that concept to the next level and allows you to host paid video courses. You then use your YouTube channel to market your skills and related courses on Skills Co. to a broad-reaching audience. The process is so simple.

Once you use the free guide on how to create and publish your first course on Skills Co., you publish how-to videos or tutorials on your YouTube channel. The videos you share would teach one specific aspect of the skills you teach in your full Skills Co. courses. At the end of the YouTube video, you let viewers know that if they enjoyed learning with you that you teach a full course on that skill over at Skills Co. You can then direct them to the link in the video description so that they can click, learn more and buy your course.

As for your expected earnings, consider this: If your how-to video on YouTube receives 100,000 views, even if only one in 20 viewers goes on to take your Skills Co. course, that’s 5,000 people paying for you for your knowledge and skills! If your course sells for $25, that’s $125,000 in courses sold! Courses cost $10, $25, $50 or $100 each and you set the price. Whatever the price, you receive 90 percent of the earnings minus payment fees. Your earnings are deposited right into your bank account daily via Stripe, a secure online payment platform.

By creating courses for free on Skills Co., every how-to video you share on YouTube becomes a rich source of potential customers for your full courses on Skills Co. Think about it: Each viewer for every video you share is a potential paying customer. Your Skills Co. earning potential is limitless! The more YouTube videos you share that are directed to your Skills Co. courses, the more opportunities there are to earn income. In addition to being discovered via your YouTube video shares, paying customers also find your courses on the Skills Co. site.

4 Ways Skills Co. Users discover Your Courses

1. Via the skill feeds.

The highest rated skills in a category are promoted on the skill feeds on every user’s personalized home page where they see top-rated courses based on their interests.

2. Through the search bar.

Users can search specific skills they want to learn.

3. By browsing the categories.

Users can peruse the wide range of categories to find courses that interest them.

4. As a suggestion.

Your courses that match a user’s interests may show up as a suggestion for them to check out.

Skills Co. is a valuable tool in making money by sharing your skills with others. And the Skills Co. team is highly motivated to promote your content because if you don’t get paid, neither do we! If you’re serious about making money with your YouTube channel, remember that fortune favors doers. Get started now and claim your piece of the action by using your unique experience, personality and skill set to help others increase their knowledge by learning from you.

Remember, Skills Co. is free to use, ad-free and accessible to anyone anywhere, even from a smart phone with the free Android or iOS app. Learn more about how to make an awesome income with YouTube with our Skills Co. beginner’s guide. It’s totally free and walks you through creating and publishing your first course so that you can sell your skills, put your YouTube channel to work for you and benefit from a fully automated business that makes you money, even while you sleep.

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