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video monetization

How to Make Money without YouTube?

British scientist, Tim Berners-Lee toppled the world on its head when he developed the world wide web in 1989. Ushering in a new era of information distribution, the internet has led to the development of a complex virtual system. As expected, the medium opened up gates to a slew of novel and lucrative opportunities for...
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online course maker

Top 3 Online Course Builders to Kickstart Your Tutorial Career

Breakthroughs in technology continue to disrupt the traditional ways in which the world functions. Widespread accessibility to internet has resulted in the condensation of the world into one consolidated ball. In this new world, knowledge is put at the helm and talent is valued beyond degrees and doctorates. This trend has revolutionized the way humans...
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Video Courses Online

7 Reasons Your Small Business Should Use Video Courses

Video is reigning supreme when it comes to marketing, with 63 percent of marketers relying on it to vie for consumers’ attention. The reason why is not hard to see: people are better able to retain information when it is supplemented by a relevant visual. Aside from marketing, though, there is another way you can...
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create money making course

How to Create a Money Making Online Course?

The advent of the internet has transformed the way the world functions. This has revolutionized the way people learn and acquire new skills. The internet has become the go-to medium for learning new skills in a short span of time. In fact, 66% of adult learners prefer online courses over traditional ones to upskill themselves...
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Udemy Alternative

Why Skills Co is the Best Udemy Alternative for Uploading your Courses Online?

Online learning is becoming the new norm in the case of education and learning platforms have given the online learning industry a huge boost. To put it into perspective, online courses in 2017 roped in $46 Billion USD and researchers suggest the growth is expected to continue in the market which is expected to be...
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Selling Your Skill Set: How to Monetize Your Expertise and Knowledge in a Subject

Earning money online is gradually gaining prominence and is becoming a mainstream form of income with people increasingly shunning their monotonous nine to five job routines for a more independent and flexible lifestyle. Amongst all the ways of generating an income passively online, sharing knowledge and expertise with others has emerged as one of the...
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